Food Culture in Kuching


There can be only one logical choice – kolo mee, the ubiquitous tossed noodle that has become so much part of the city folks’ life.

Kuching Kia very enjoys eating supper with friends and their first choice always be Kolo Mee. Besides, they also always order different traditional foods such as Tomato Mee or Sarawak Laksa and so on as the second choice.


Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa, and Crispy Tomato Mee are the famous dishes well known to the people include local or international travellers in Kuching.

The recent concerns about halal and non-halal food in Peninsular Malaysia have raised many questions about the future of food outlets of various status in Sarawak and Sabah.

Kolo Mee is very famous in Sarawak but has expanded its good reputation even to the whole of Malaysia. This is a comfort food for the Sarawakians, initially. Yes, Kolo Mee is generally Non-Halal, nevertheless, nowadays, there are many Halal Kolo Mee served all over Malaysia for breakfast served with minced beef or chicken along with other ingredients in order to bond the friendship between each race.


Sarawakians are very open-minded and together, we do show a certain tolerance not found elsewhere. Chinese can sit in a Kopitiam with a Muslim relative. They will order nasi lemak from another stall and Chinese can order noodles from the back of the shop.

photo credit by My Sarawak

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